High School Backpacking Trip

Basic Details

Date: June 25-28, 2023

Location: Zaleski State Forest Backpacking Trail


With backpacking & camping gear rental: $600

With using your own camping/backpacking gear: $550

What's Included 

Professional and Experienced Guides

Food, Water, Cooking and Eating Supplies

Transportation to and from a meeting location in Cincinnati 

Backpacking and Camping Gear (with rental fee)

An awesome experience filled with campfires, fun, and exploration. Hopefully even an unforgettable moment or two!

Application Deadline: June 4th 

Next Steps

What to Expect:

This trip is designed for students entering into high school up through recent high school graduates. No backpacking experience is required however a comfort in the wilderness is important. 

Backpacking offers an opportunity to engage in the wilderness in a deeper way. Walking away from society with everything you need on your back reminds us what's really important in life. This trip will give you an opportunity to step into this simplicity and connect with other local high school students.

We will be hiking trails in Zaleski State Forest area. There will be opportunities to learn navigation skills, backcountry camping techniques, campfire cooking, Leave No Trace principles and more. 

Our professional guides have years of experience, many miles of trails under their feet and certifications to provide needed emergency care. We take health and safety seriously to insure everyone is cared for and safe. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How far will we be hiking?

Each day will be a little different but the group will average 3-6 miles a day. The terrain isn't too challenging but slightly hilly. 

How will meals work?

Each person will be given their own snack and lunch food to eat as they choose. Breakfast and dinner items will be divided among the group to help carry. Each group member will assist in meal preparation and have a chance to learn stove and fire cooking skills. We can adjust menus for most dietary allergies and restrictions, just let us know your preferences on the application. 

How will we have clean water to drink?

The state forest provides clean, drinkable water at each of their back country sites. 

What if there is a medical emergency?

Our guides are equipped with CPR and First Aid Certification. We carry a thorough first aid kit and have tons of experience assessing and treating minor injuries in the field. For more serious injuries or accidents, we carry a satellite phone that can call for emergency services if needed.