How We Help

We work with individuals and families in a variety of ways. Here’s some explanation to help you understand the counseling process and various services we provide. None of these services are mutually exclusive. They can be used at various times and in various ways throughout the counseling process. 

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Individual Counseling

Individual counseling often takes place on a a weekly or every-other-week basis, in increments 45 to 50 minutes. In this time, we’ll help you feel comfortable with the counseling process and comfortable in the counseling space. We’ll establish a sort of “road map” to help you know where you want to go and how to get there. 
Since a majority of our work is with teens or young adults, it’s often important to periodically hold family sessions that help everyone be on the same page, improve relationships and communication, and help parents support their son or daughter. Although this isn’t a requirement, and may not be appropriate for all situations, it can be very important and helpful.

Adventure-based Counseling

Working out of an office isn’t always the best setting for working with teens (or adults for that matter). That’s why I allow flexibility for structuring sessions differently. This might look like talking a walk during our session or doing an experiential activity with therapeutic metaphors either in the office or outdoors. There’s a great deal of benefits that go along with being outdoors. Sometimes talking directly isn’t the only way to make progress in our lives, especially for teens who aren’t fond of talking already. Using shared experiences is not only a unique relationship building opportunity for the client and therapist, but can also impact our thinking, our motivation, and ability to respond differently in situations. 

Telehealth Counseling

Whether it’s distance, conflict of schedule, or continued precaution due COIVD-19, we are also able to meet with clients via Telehealth. This is a counseling session that takes place over the internet with video and audio transmission. We use a HIPPA compliant Telehealth service that meets HIPPA standards regarding security and maintaining your privacy. It’s very easy to use and offers a great way for us to work together should your circumstances require it. 

Family Counseling

Whether communication is a struggle, extreme emotional reactions occur, or whether there’s a shared experience that the family is working through, family counseling might be an appropriate fit for you and your family. Family counseling sessions can occur in outdoor or indoor settings, but will always begin with assessing the family’s challenges and needs. Your counselor may request to meet with individuals in the family or in dyads or triads. By helping identify and put language to patterns and roles in the family and helping each person feel understood, we can help your family begin to shift the patterns and find new ways of interacting. 

For questions or to get started with counseling, contact Collin directly.

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Office Location: 8118 Corporate Way Mason, OH 45040

We also meet clients for sessions at various parks, walking trails or at designated locations for facilitated trips.