Therapy Services

Helping you find your path and walking it with you

Life offers all kinds of challenges. It can be messy and confusing. You might be struggling with a relationship, a situation, or just not feeling like yourself. Often it starts to feel like a bad cycle with no way out.

Despite how difficult it might feel right now, a change is not out of reach. Finding ways to slow down, step out, or hit pause can give just enough time to reset and find a new way forward. A little support, a little persistence, and a little hope are a few of the elements necessary to move forward. Meeting with a counselor can be another one of those elements to help you remain persistent in the work of healing and growth.

In therapy, the process begins with getting to know you and your story. We can begin to help you make sense of what’s going on and find ways to experience more stability and clarity. By working collaboratively, we can identify goals and changes that matter to you. And finally, we can take steps toward your goals together.

It’s important to know you’re not alone in your struggles or your journey. We’ll help you find your path and walk it with you.


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Office Location: 8118 Corporate Way Mason, OH 45040

We also meet clients for sessions at various parks, walking trails or at designated locations for facilitated trips.