About Us

We are a family and we are a company. As a family, our greatest memories have come from our time being together outdoors. From camping, biking or kayaking we have learned and lived the power of being together in nature. We are privileged to be able to come together to create a company around that power we have experienced. Our focus and desire is to be able to share these experiences with you, your family, your team or organization.

Our Services

We offer therapy services and various experiences that are designed to foster learning and personal development.

Our Approach

These three core principles will be at the center of any of our trips or experiences. We hope that participants will grow in each of these areas as they lean into the challenges and let us support them.


We create meaningful relationships with others when we share unique experiences. Through those experiences, we communicate with others and build skills necessary for maintaining and strengthening relationships.

Skill Building

We build confidence when we acquire a new skill through challenging ourselves. With the proper support and encouragement, each of us can grow and realize what we’re capable of.

Interpersonal Exploration

The distractions and pace of life can keep us from understanding who we are. By exploring ourselves in the context of each moment, we get to a deeper understanding of ourselves and how we show up in the world around us.

We strive to care for the nature we gather in by following the Leave No Trace Principles:

Plan ahead and prepare

Travel and camp on durable surfaces

Dispose of waste properly

Leave what you find

Minimize campfire impacts

Respect wildlife

Be considerate of other visitors

“We don’t experience natural environments enough to realize how restored they can make us feel, nor are we aware that studies show they make us healthier, more creative, more empathetic and more apt to engage with the world and with each other. Nature, it turns out, is good for civilization.”

– Florence Williams. The Nature Fix.