Custom Trips

Inner Trek will customize an experience for you and a group to enjoy the great outdoors without all the prep work.

Give us a few details about what you're looking for, gather your group and let us do the rest of the work. Click below for more details on each type of trip.

Next Steps:

  1. Group leader fills out the application

  2. Inner Trek contacts you with follow up questions, options about location, meals and activities

  3. Inner Trek and Leader work together to collect applications from participants

  4. Inner Trek does all the prep and planning

  5. Leader attends trip with group

Concerned about financing for your group? Contact us at info@innertrekguides to see if we can meet your financial needs.

Gather a group of friends, co-workers, team members or people you want to connect with. Enjoy a 1-2 night trip of camping, hiking, cooking over a fire and having fun.

Designed for a smaller group of people to refresh and connect over a weekend of pampered camping. Meals will be cooked for you, gear will be set up and guided processing time will be arranged.

Rent our high quality gear for a family weekend to connect, prepare for an upcoming transition or just get out an have some fun without the investment of buying your own.