Youth Campout


Give your team or group of teens a fun and adventurous weekend away. Let us do all the planning and preparations so that you can just show up and enjoy the time with them. Meals and activities are customizable so you can pick what most interests your group.



3-4 location options to choose from within 3 hours of Cincinnati


Trips can be booked year round, 1-2 nights

$2,500 for 15 people


12-20 youth (minimum age of 13)

1:5 ratio adults: youth volunteers


Activities can range from relaxed and restful to more adventurous


Tent camping with high quality sleeping bags, pads and individual or group tents


  • Guide(s) with First Aid and CPR certification, extensive outdoor guiding and camping expertise

  • Tent, sleeping bag and inflatable sleeping pad

  • Cooking gear

  • Meals and snacks

  • Guided hikes, games, activities and more

  • 2 meetings with group leader prior to trip and 1 meeting after

  • Meeting with group participants prior to trip

  • Complete packing list for participants


  • Complete the Custom Trip Leader Application

  • Communicate desired outcomes and goals for trip to Inner Trek

  • Advertise trip to your people

  • Arrange transportation to and from camping location

  • Collect payments from participants and complete invoice from Inner Trek

  • Choose between a few options of locations, meals and activities

  • Attend trip with your group

  • Arrange for adult volunteers to attend trip at a 1:5 ratio


$2,500 for up to 15 people

$150 for each additional person up to 25 total


Tent camping not for you... we can book cabins or a lodge if your group prefers

Want more adventure?! We can schedule a river rafting trip, rock climbing adventure or bike outing depending on your location

Does your team need time to connect prior to the trip? Meet us at a climbing gym, on a local trail or even at a coffee shop to start building team dynamics

Want to camp longer than a weekend? Let us plan a longer adventure for your group!


Day I

Arrive at camp in the evening and enjoy a campfire dinner and activities

Day II

Three meals. times of connection, fun and learning will be arranged around your group's hopes and desired outcomes.


Breakfast, more fun and a closing activity.


"Great job. We had a great experience. I think the services you are providing are extremely valuable. You took a lot of weight off of our leaders and allowed them to solely focus on relationships without a lot of other hassles. Great job leading through the content as well!"

"The whole weekend was just great. I feel like you guys had thought out every piece of the puzzle and was really intentional about what you did and that was so appreciated. I don’t really have any criticism at all. It was a great experience!"

"I loved this trip. It was really wonderful to have people check in and adapt to the weather and mood prior to doing anything. I really appreciate clearing camp before hiking our last day as it made the rest of the day super easy."

"Kids had a wonderful time and it was a new experience! "

"Our daughter really enjoyed the trip, looking forward to more info about Innertrek opportunities"

"We planned a custom trip with Inner Trek for a group of our high school students. A large chunk of our group had never camped before or had very little camping experience. Inner Trek took care of all of our logistics, provided gear (tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag) for those that needed it, provided meals, planned our hikes, and lead us in discussion. Inner Trek was very intentional, well organized, and knowledgeable, We will certainly add this to our "toolbox" and work with Inner Trek in the future! "

"We had so much fun taking our high school ministry camping with inner trek! The weekend was so well planned! We all got to get out of our comfort zones, take a break from life, and were lead with great intention. There is something so great about experiencing the outdoors with other people. We got to hike to some great views, connect with one another, and play lots of games and eat good food. Since all the gear was provided, it was so accessible for everyone! Even stubborn kids came around. Definitely a memory that I will cherish!"