Fireside Retreat

With Dappled Light Adventures

The Fireside Retreat is designed for leaders of all kinds; business leaders, educational leaders, church leaders, managers, CEOs, small business owners or large corporations. Men and women, whether you are new to your position or beginning to take a step out of your position of leadership, this space is for you.

We all need opportunities to pause and restore ourselves. This is time for you intentionally step away, slow down, be fulfilled through fun, adventure, and purposeful rest, and feel renewed to engage in discernment and development as a purposeful and effective leader.

Date: October 19-21. 2022

Location: 1132 Derrick Ridge Rd, Beattyville, KY 41311

Base Rate: $450

Housing: $30-100

Application Deadline: October 5, 2022

If you have questions or want more information about the trip email:


Pause & Prepare

Slow down and take an account of yourself and your situation as you make space to prepare yourself for an intentional time dedicated to you and the space you occupy as a leader.

Rest & Rejuvenate

Take time needed to attend to your needs and then collectively and individually engage in the activities that will breath life into your soul. Creativity, curiosity, movement, learning or trying something new, laughter, fun -- these are some of the elements that bring us the feeling of full and authentic life.

Discern & Develop

The act of stepping away and fulfillment of our soul brings us to new perspectives and renewed connection to our values, mission, and strengths. We have the best chances of being a wise and effective leader if we can discern and develop next steps from a place of fullness and restoration.

Throughout the retreat, we'll be guiding you through a variety of activities, discussions, and times of solitude all geared toward these three themes. We'll use each theme as a stepping stone to the next, bringing participants to a place of fulfillment and restoration so that they may more confidently fully step into their positions of leadership and influence.

More information including a schedule, packing list and what to expect will be posted by the end of September.

We are human-beings, not human-doings.

Come join us and tend to your own humanity by connecting with others and reconnecting with yourself. We'll accomplish this through guided discussion, purposeful rest and fun, and group and individual initiatives that will connect us to our mission and values.


Dappled Light Adventures is hosting the retreat on their beautiful and luxurious facilities. Choose what option best fits your needs (limited availability for each type, assigned first come first serve)

Glamping Tent: Enjoy your own spacious canvas tent, with a queen size bed, fire place and comfortable seating area



Bell Tent: A slightly simplified version of the glamping tent but still includes a queen size bed and other amenities.



Standard Tent: Enjoy a more primitive version of camping with your own tent, inflatable sleeping pad and sleeping bag.


Dappled Light Adventures is the host site for this retreat. On their beautiful 50 acres you will have space to explore, breathe and be away from the stresses of everyday life.

"This land has been a haven for us; a place where we can simplify our daily rhythms by cutting away variables in our lives that distract and being present with the people and things right in front of us: the people we love, freshly prepared food, and the wildlife that exists right beyond our city-peripheral"


"I really enjoyed this trip. It was full of extremely pleasant surprises and planned with every intention of peace, rest and refreshing. It was chilly but the gear kept us warm along with the fire. We even celebrated our host and my birthdays at breakfast. I felt loved and very blessed. I was given space to work on me. It was easy and laid back. I can’t wait to get back to my tent and enjoy the quiet."

"The ... retreat weekend was so intentional and thought out! I haven’t tent camped in 10 years and they made it so comfortable it was like riding a bike! The weekend was full of such great moment and memories that I will carry with me!"


September 17-18, 2022

September 30 - October 2, 2022

November 19-20, 2022