Father/Child Camp

Explore, play and connect. Without having to do all the packing, planning and preparation! 

This trip is designed for fathers and their child(ren) to have a weekend adventure without all the planning and preparation. The a la carte nature allows you to stay for one night or two and utilize our services as desired. Check out the details below! 


Dates: July 21-23, 2023

Location: Caesar Creek State Park 

Base cost: $30/person/night (add on options below)

children under 2 are free 


Camping reservation, professional guide support, packing lists, resources for successful family camping, certified first aid professional, games, crafts, snacks, beverages, camping demos, guided hikes and other activities 

Add ons:

Sleeping Gear: $10-40

$10/night for 2 people

$20/night for 4-6 people

Includes: Tent, inflatable sleeping pad(s), sleeping bag(s)

Meals: $5/person/meal

Nutritious and delicious meals provided by our expert cooks. Cooked fresh and from scratch over the fire or camp stove 

*We can accommodate for most dietary restrictions, allergies and preferences

Please fill out the application for each parent and child. An additional form for the add ons will be sent at another time. 

Deadline: July 7, 2023

Important things to know:

We want this to be an awesome experience for you and your kids, and what makes an experience awesome for one person is different for another. Because of this, here’s some important things to know about the weekend!

You can participate in what you would like to participate in and to the extent you’d like to participate. We’ll have some activities and aspects of the trip that can be adapted to help meet the needs of kids in certain age groups. This is also our way of giving you permission to decide alongside your kid(s) what you’d like to do more or less of. We want you to feel like you can take care of your family’s unique needs while still being a part of the experience.

There will be some competition, but this trip is not about competition. The raft building activity and other games will involve competition, but we generally de-emphasize the results of competition and instead highlight the process. This helps hold everyone’s effort in high regard and gives us all things that deserve recognition in the process. 

Whether your family is new to camping or you’re all super-experienced campers, this trip is for you. Sharing knowledge and experience is one of the ways we build community. We all have to start somewhere with being outdoors and camping. For those that are new to camping, our guides we’ll help answer your questions and help support you and your kids to make it an awesome camping experience.


Canoeing And Kayaking 

Raft Building Challenge 

Campfire Games

Campfire Conversations

Guided Hikes

Night Hike (without headlamps)

Scavenger Hunt 


Other Organized Games/Activities


Friday Dinner: Taco Bar and S'mores 

Saturday Breakfast: Pancakes, Yogurt, Fruit, Coffee/Tea

Saturday Lunch: Sandwiches, Sweet and Salty Snacks

Saturday Dinner: Hot Dogs, Sides and Dutch Oven Apple Cobbler 

Sunday Breakfast: Eggs, Potatoes, Sausage, Coffee/Tea 

Various sweet and salty snacks and beverages will be available throughout the weekend.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What age of kids is the trip designed for?

A: This trip can be an awesome experience for kids ages 2 through the teenage years. Because you’ll have the freedom to participate in the events that you’d like to, you can meet the whole family’s preferences. Activities will be adjusted to be able to meet the skills and developmental needs of kids in various age groups.

Q: I’ve got multiple kids in my family. How many can I bring?

A: You can bring as many kids as you like. Keep in mind what kind of experience you would like to have or the goal of your trip. Depending upon that, you might decide to bring just one of your kids, all of your kids, just the boys, or just the girls. It's up to you. 

Q: My kids are hungry all the time OR my kids are picky eaters. Can we pay for the provided food but also bring some of our own snacks or food.

A: Yes. Please specify with us about which of our meals you’ll be partaking in. We will let the group know if there is a severe food allergy for anyone present and request that food not be brought on the trip or other accommodations are made.