Parenting Workshop Series: Parenting from the "Why"

Parenting Workshop Series Outline

Session #1: Intro

  • Structure and goals of this workshop

  • Calling into question several parenting "stigmas" or "stereotypes"

  • Introducing a framework of thinking: Thinking gray, there is no one right answer, there is no expert

Session #2: Connection

  • A lens for understanding our children and behavior

  • How to think about communication as connection

  • Tools and tips for communicating

Session #3: Boundaries & Consequences

  • Connected or disconnected parenting

  • Asking "why" as a guideline for establishing boundaries and creating consequences

  • Healthy detachment from the outcome

Session #4: Control vs. Influence

  • Recognizing control; Identifying use of shame or guilt

  • Owning our Emotions

  • Tips for shame free parenting

Session #5: Parent Support

  • Reasons for "doing your own work"

  • Way to take next steps and get support

Parenting from the "Why"

This Parenting Workshop Series takes place on 5 consecutive Thursday nights, starting in October 2021. The workshop series is highly applicable to parents who have children in the pre-teen, teenage, or young adult years. Parents who's child or children are currently participating in some type of mental health treatment will find it especially helpful, as the material and concepts help give parents a mental framework for navigating challenging parenting situations. To register for the series, click the "Click here to register" button anywhere on this page and complete the application.

Workshop Material:

In Building a Parenting Framework, we'll help parents gain new perspectives and greater awareness of the pitfalls of parenting. We'll also help increase parent's awareness regarding their own intentions in making parenting decisions and their framework for creating and maintaining boundaries. We'll discuss ways to communicate with your children and how to understand behaviors. We'll be using concepts from Brad Reedy's book The Journey of the Heroic Parent. You can find out more about the book on Amazon or here.

If you're looking for "the right answers" you may leave this workshop series disappointed. However, if you can begin letting go of the "right, wrong, good, or bad" notions of parenting, then I can assure you, you'll find this workshop series highly valuable.

Parents may purchase the book as a supplement and deeper dive into some of the concepts we'll talk about within the series. Purchasing the book is not a requirement of participating in the workshop series.

Tentative Dates and Times:

? @ 7:00pm

? @ 7:00pm

? @ 7:00pm

? @ 7:00pm

? @ 7:00pm


Parkside Christian Church

6986 Salem Rd 45230


$ 125 (cost for 1 parent to attend) or $150 (cost for 2 parents to attend)

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be asked to participate during the workshop?

Although we believe you'll get more out of your experience if you participate, you are able to participate as much or as little as you like. Expect group discussions, opportunities to ask questions, and some activities that serve to illustrate concepts presented in the workshop series.

What if I can not attend one of the workshop dates?

No problem. We'll have resources to help fill you in on the information that you missed. We are not able to discount the cost of the workshop if you are unable to attend one of the sessions.

Are these workshops considered counseling?

The workshop series is not considered counseling, but can be thought of as parent coaching. The information provided should not be considered a substitute for consulting with a counselor. The workshop series will include frames reference and information that is often involved in or related to the counseling process. The workshop series is designed to introduce parents to a new frame of reference for parenting and making parenting decisions.

What if I have a specific question about my son or daughter?

There will be opportunities to ask questions during the workshops. Presenters will likely respond to specific questions by directing back toward general concepts talked about in the presentation. Providing a specific answer to a specific question may require more background information than is appropriate for the workshop setting.