Therapy Groups and Trips

Being part of a group therapy process can be a powerful agent for insight and change. The group process works as a lens that helps us see our patterns in a new context. Combining the group process with a memorable, novel or challenging experience can be a catalyst for growth and change.

Parenting from the "Why"

Parenting Workshop Series

Begins October 2021

For Parents with kids of all ages, but especially applicable to parents of pre-teens, teenagers, and young adults.

This workshop series is designated as "Parent Coaching" is not considered therapy.

2022 Therapy Trips and Groups are coming soon. Check back for more information or email to inquire about opportunities

This page will be regularly updated with a list of current therapy groups and upcoming group intensive trips.

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If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we may be able to tailor a custom therapy experience for you, your son, your daughter or family.