Adventure Therapy Program

Already tried traditional counseling options in an outpatient setting? Or just looking for an alternative counseling experience? Our Adventure Therapy Program might be your next step.

The Adventure Therapy Program is a structured counseling process that uses experiential elements and intentional coordination of treatment to provide a unique counseling experience. The process lends itself to increasing client engagement and provides additional family support, allowing everyone to work together towards healing.

This structure of the program is outlined below. We ask clients and families to make a 4 month commitment to allow the process to take place.

Individual Counseling Sessions

50 minute counseling sessions take place weekly. These can take place in the office or outdoors, but include experiential interventions as a modality of treatment.

Parent Support and Education Meetings

30 minute phone calls occur every other week between the parent(s) and counselor. Parents also have access to additional support and education materials.

Adventure Therapy Experiences

Individual participates in an initial group campfire therapy session, 2 Adventure Therapy Trips (3 days, 2 nights) that occur on a decided weekend, and a rock climbing therapy experience.

Client and Family Ceremony

At the end of 4 months, the client and family participate in a client-lead ceremony that commemorates the work toward healing that has been accomplished by the all individuals within the family.

How do I get started?

Contact or call 513-201-5858 regarding any questions you have. The program can be started at any time outside of the months of November through February.

Why this versus other therapy options?

  • The adventure therapy program gives an increased level of structure, helping the client and family have a better idea of what the process looks like.

  • Engaging multiple aspects of learning through experiences gives a person more opportunities to make learning connections, remember things they're learning, and apply it to a variety of situations in life.

  • This type of engagement through experiential processes also allows for additional opportunities for the client and therapist to connect. Therapy research indicates that better outcomes in therapy can be predicted by higher levels of client engagement, which is highly affected by the relationship with the therapist.

  • This can be a great way to start therapy and build a strong relationship with a counselor and then continue therapy after the program is done.

What is the cost?

A monthly payment of $1000 is made for a minimum of 4 months to cover the costs of all that's included below:

  • Weekly Therapy Sessions with Therapist

  • Every other week Parent Phone Calls with Therapist

  • Initial Campfire Session

  • 2 Adventure Therapy Weekend Trips (Facilitated by the therapist and lead guide)

  • Group Rock Climbing Therapy Session (option for additional therapy sessions including rock climbing)

  • Ceremony Session (family participates)

(4 months of these services are valued at over $5,500!)