With my experience in Wilderness Therapy and clinical expertise as a licensed therapist (MA, LPCC), I place a high value on the teaching and healing power of outdoor experiences. Many of the most meaningful moments of my life have happened in the outdoors with people I love and respect. My experience and training allows me to facilitate a powerful group experience that brings participants together and fosters growth for participants in the group context.

I love to spend time with my family and try to enjoy each moment, whether it’s going on a hiking adventure or sitting at home entertaining our young kids. In my own personal time, I enjoy various forms of exercise, growing vegetables and fruit in our garden, and dreaming about our next family adventure.

Our founders and I have specifically designed the approach of Inner Trek trips to help each participant grow in meaningful ways that can be taken forward into their daily lives. I’m extremely excited about the many learning and growth moments that are in store for our participants.