By Collin Rhoade


What inspires you? What captures you and moves you toward starting something new or returning to something you lost or forgot?

Recently, I listened to a Rich Roll podcast interview of an ultra-endurance athlete, Tommy Rivers Puzey (or commonly referred to as “Tommy Rivs”). The podcast highlights Tommy’s experience of surviving a rare form of lung cancer. It captures the nearly incomprehensible difficulties that go along with treating and surviving cancer and recovery. It also captures Tommy’s sense of wonder for life and people. Despite being an accomplished athlete, you get the sense that kindness, compassion, and recognition of the breadth and beauty of life mean more to him than running ever will. If you’d like to listen to the podcast episode, follow this link.

I find myself inspired by Tommy Rivs and his groundedness. What moves me most is his steadfast belief in what is most important in life. We’re all at risk of being lured by temptations of competition, influence, or any other universally coveted human condition. Because of this, I love witnessing a rooted example of belief in what is fundamental and uncompromisable in life. I find myself wanting to hold stronger to my own belief in what’s most important in life and to find ways to “lean in” and live more fully from those places.

So what inspires you? I hope you come across the stories or moments that inspire you to live more fully in the deep and meaningful foundations of this life.

If Tommy's story has brought something meaningful to your life, or if you're so inclined, consider financially supporting Tommy and his family here: Go Fund Me Link